[UPDATED] SIN Initiates Siege on HumanResources in Pawanallpa; Fighting, Reinforcing Observed Around City

The Hashashin [SIN] have launched a siege on one of HumanResources’ cities in Pawanallpa, a region that continues to play host to a flurry of military activity in the ongoing Stomps/BL land claimers’ war.

The siege touched down this morning, server time, as reported in the Herald’s siege section:

Player under siege: HumanResources [Stomp] City: 9 – Smile and Wave [673|-1729] Region: Pawanallpa Sieger: DasDwarf [SIN] Time/Date: Thu 09 Jul 10:10

At present, little is known about the siege, other than the fact that DasDwarf appears to be leading it, and that SIN has placed the siege on a small hill and an accompanying blockade in a small forest. The small hill affords almost a null terrain modifier for most units on offense and defense, while the small forest will favor infantry for both attack and defense of the blockade.

It appears that Josh has been mounting tenacious defense in the opening hours of the siege. The Times has noted several skirmishes in an around the city of Smile and Wave, with dropped crafted gear on the siege square as further evidence of battles. Josh was also seen reinforcing the city.

The HumanResources account has four other cities in the immediate area. Stomps members Agalloch and Valdorum also have a presence in Pawanallpa, which could aid HR in his defense of the city.

The Times reached out to Pico and SIN leadership this morning via the Illyriad Forums for any additional information or statements concerning the siege. Requests for statements were not immediately answered, but the Times will update this article when and if more information becomes available.

[UPDATED 7:32 pm ST — SIN’s DasDwarf set up a second siege on HR’s town:

[19:25]<System> ** News Flash: HumanResources’ [Stomp] burgeoning city of 9 – Smile and Wave is now under siege by DasDwarf’s [SIN] sprawling city of Alfa

This siege is on the city’s northwestern corner — a large hill. The large hill could favor strikes from HR if he chooses to use bows or spears, though spears are unlikely, considering their poor attack value.]

[UPDATED 9:32 pm ST — A third SIN siege by DasDwarf has been initiated at Smile and Wave. The new siege is located at [674|-1730] 



5 thoughts on “[UPDATED] SIN Initiates Siege on HumanResources in Pawanallpa; Fighting, Reinforcing Observed Around City

  1. I wanted to vote for Joshy as the war hero of the war. His “snakeyness” in this whole affair has shown STOMPS willingness to do whatever it takes to avoid egg on their face. Judging by STOMPS’ inability to stop SIN there is a real danger for embarrassment. Hell is coming PICO and it’s bringing HANSA with them!


  2. On a less “trolling” note. What is TVM and the other land claimers doing in this war? Are they conducting ops or are they letting the big boys handle it for them? I have heard of one TVM seige and I believe the city exo’ed away. I can not imagine BV would let his alliance sit idly by when there is a wonderful opportunity to get combat experience for them.


  3. B|B is currently at war with High not really sure what that is achieving though. TVM is doing stuff, can’t quite say what exactly though. Stark is doing what we can. Hansa is sort of just sitting around watching what happens as they aren’t a military alliance. Then there is Sin taking on most of Stomp in the BL


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