Levity, Magnanimity Pervades GC As HR’s City Falls; SIN Chalks Up 5th Raze

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 7.27.01 PMJust three days after joining Stomps, Josh’s HumanResources account has suffered its first loss in the Broken Lands, with his Pawanallpa city of Smile and Wave falling to DasDwarf’s multi-siege. The raze is DasDwarf’s third of the war, and SIN’s fifth razing on behalf of the claimers.

SIN’s siege appeared to work quickly, having touched down at about 10:00 am ST on July 9th, and later reinforced with two additional siege armies to accompany the blockade.

The city did not fall without opposition, however. Monitoring the battle from the tactical map, the Times observed what appeared to be dozens of attacks on the siege camps, all originating from other HR cities in the area. SIN also sent several clearing armies at the city itself.

Smile and Wave fell sometime around 4:40 pm ST today, and in the middle of the storming, DasDwarf and HR dialoged in GC. The conversation was magnanimous and at times filled with humor and sportsmanship, in spite of the vigorous battle that preceded the razing. Josh quipped about getting his rune back in place just as Das’ storm force was coming in through Smile and Wave’s gates:

[16:37]<HumanResources> that account is pretty imprssive DasDwarf
[16:37]<DasDwarf> thank you
[16:37]<HumanResources> at least i got my rune of destruction up 10mins ago from cooldown
[16:37]<HumanResources> small victory
[16:37]*The Honey Badger raises a torch to DasDwarf.
[16:38]<DasDwarf> we will get to continue testing each others skills … it will be fun
[16:38]<HumanResources> I think your skills (and preperation) overweighs mine
[16:38]<DasDwarf> one always need to be prepared if they have an ego
[16:38]*DasDwarf knows that well
[16:38]<Tink XX> chances are, some of the millions of scouts will die on your ward of destruction!
[16:38]<Tara West> I’ll figure it out.
[16:38]<HumanResources> yeah my ego has shrunken in a bit now
[16:38]<DasDwarf> 10sec
[16:39]<The Honey Badger> BURN baby BURN
[16:39]<HumanResources> Ward of Destruction takes effect at 9 – Smile and Wave
[16:39]*Ashmadia runs and hides
[16:39]<DasDwarf> 9 – Smile and Wave, belonging to HumanResources which was located at 673|-1730 has been razed by DasDwarf.
[16:39]<Angrim> [16:38]<HumanResources> yeah my ego has shrunken in a bit now // why do i expect to read this later in the illy times?

To add insult to injury, Josh’s rune only slew T1 dwarven scouts:

[16:40]<HumanResources> Units slain or damaged: 250 Sentries -.-

For Josh, the loss of Smile and Wave could potentially be only the first of several, given his exposure in the Broken Lands. However, with news of fellow Stomper Ron Fay exodusing in his city of La Vila Strangiato into Pawanallpa, as well as the possibility that more exo’ing in Stomps cities could be on the way, the fight over BL land claims might finally be migrating to the Broken Lands.


5 thoughts on “Levity, Magnanimity Pervades GC As HR’s City Falls; SIN Chalks Up 5th Raze

  1. I have a feeling Wacky PICO is stepping into a trap. Bringing more targets into BL is exactly what SIN wants. But who knows what goes on in that head of his.


  2. I heard there was a PICO sighting yesterday in GC. The guy has been scarce since his comical crusade was called out in the forums as a sham. I figured he was grounded or in the process of moving out of his mother’s basement to the apartment above the comic book store.


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