Leaked Scout Report Reveals Æsir Reinforcements at Stomps City

A leaked scout report reveals that an Æsir player is currently reinforcing a Stomps city in Pawanallpa, the predominant battleground in the Stomp/Claimers war, with a substantial number of troops. The discovery of Æsir involvement in Stomp defense could be an early sign of the legendary alliance signing on to aid in the extermination of land claims in the Broken Lands.

The scout report was submitted to the Times by Death’s The Honey Badger (who recently changed his name from The Reaper). The Times has redacted out from the scout report troop counts and types, as well as any commander or division names that would reveal troop types:

Sent By:


Received By:

The Honey Badger [Death]


11 Jul 2015 01:14

Operation From: Doesn’t Give a Sht The Honey Badger [Death]
Operation Against: .Megadeth AKA The Finger at [731|-1734] in Pawanallpa Agalloch [Stomp]
Operation Type: Scout
Operation Outcome: Partially Successful

Mission Report:
Your diplomatic mission was detected, but still managed to complete the objective! As they were being watched, however, they were apprehended after the mission was completed. Before their capture, an agent released a carrier pigeon home.

Information Gathered:

Troop levels present, belonging to player:

Type: Unit: Quantity:
Army: 3
Division: 1

Troop levels present, foreign reinforcements:

Type: Unit: Quantity:
Elfs Bane’s forces from Slaughterhouse
Army: Black
Division: 3 White
Division: 1 pink
Division: 2 red
Division: 4
Division: 5
Kendig’s forces from Ravnzloft
Army: Attack Force
Commander: Gamora

Kendig is a relatively new member of Æsir, having joined in December of 2014. Little is known about him aside from the fact that his six cities are located in both the High Hills and Pawanallpa, and that he has never been in another alliance other than his current one.

The Times sought clarification from The Honey Badger on the nature of the scout report on Agalloch’s city of Megadeth AKA The Finger. Honey Badger stipulated that the scout report was not conducted ahead of an attack or siege hitting, which indicates that the reinforcement is not likely in response to an inbound operation from Death. This means that the reinforcement is not necessarily indicative of Æsir intending to become involved in a specific battle with the claimers.

That being said, Æsir has maintained a curious diplomatic relationship with Stomp. Both entered into a confederation on June 21st, which was dropped two days later and replaced by a NAP. On the same day, Æsir leadership member G0DsDestroyer put his similarly-named alt GODsDestroyer into Stomp. An early Times poll revealed at that time that the majority of readers did not think that Æsir would enter the war:

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.56.46 PM

The Times reached out to Æsir leadership seeking clarification on why Kendig was reinforcing a Stomp city and whether it signaled that they were joining Stomps in their war effort. Inquiries were not immediately answered, however, the Times will update this story when or if Æsir replies.


3 thoughts on “Leaked Scout Report Reveals Æsir Reinforcements at Stomps City

  1. HMMMM. So Aesir is reinforcing but PICO isn’t. I would love for the TIMES to locate the elusive PICO and ask him some hard questions about the true intentions of the war. Hopefully he won’t put the “Halcyon spin” on and will answer truthfully.


  2. What exactly is the “Halcyon spin”?
    Halcyon really does not know.
    btw, waffles, may we (or at least I) know who you are?
    If you are too shy, you may share it in confidence with me in an igm.
    and do please answer the question above.


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