The Shadow War: HIGH/B!B Conflict Puts ajqtrz, Land Claimers on the Same Battlefield

Siege engineers clear staging grounds for B!B siege engines. Photo courtesy of Felicity Rumplebrest.

Forum jabs, GC flame-ups and rumors have suggested an escalating conflict between ajqtrz’s alliance The Sanctuary [HIGH] and Broken Blades [B!B] — two alliances that, for whatever their reasons are for fighting, each embody the polemics of the current Stomp/claimers war. Arguably, ajqtrz is one of the architects of the anti-land claim movement — his epic posts in the Illy forums have sought to link the imposition of land claims as an affront on the very idea of Illyriad, all while frustrating his rhetorical opponents at times with his tautological approach to debate.

B!B, on the other hand, is a land claiming alliance that holds diplomatic relationships with a number of other BL claimers, including SIN. Led by their often confrontational leader Shogun no Yari, B!B has sparred with ajqtrz and the land claim issue in a number of venues, the newest of which being the Illy battlefield.

Today, in two perfectly-timed sieges, B!B made the Herald’s siege section on AJ’s alt account’s cryptically-named city of Elegoria 2 BH-B2:

ajqtrz2 [HIGH] Elegoria 2 BH-B2 [-4|-2552] in Almenly Rosie Blackeye [B¦B] Mon 13 Jul 04:00
ajqtrz2 [HIGH] Elegoria 2 BH-B2 [-5|-2552] in Almenly Shogun no Yari [B¦B] Mon 13 Jul 04:00

With AJ2’s city placed in the midst of the dense Almenly forest, B!B will likely take advantage of infantry in their two sieges, which receive a favorable 25% terrain bonus in large forests.

Neither HIGH nor B!B have made many headlines in the war thus far, perhaps because HIGH’s war declaration on B!B alone has kept it out of conflict with the other land claimer alliances. That being said, the HIGH/B!B conflict is inextricably linked to the Stomp/claimers war: HIGH maintains a NAP with Stomp, B!B with the likes of SIN. AJ has led the fierce criticism of land claims — bar none — and B!B’s Shogun has answered him in debate more than once.

Given ajqtrz’s role as thought leader in land claim opposition, it remains to be seen what the implications of his alt’s city being targeted in the war will be. Prior to establishing HIGH, AJ did a stint in WoT, and could potentially wield any strong ties he has with the top-10 alliance and leverage their BL presence to be a game-changer in his war with B!B.

In the meantime, B!B appears to be in a strong position to execute a raze, thus tying this conflict to the Stomp/claimers war.

[UPDATED 20:57 ST — HIGH has broken the blockade on ajqtrz2’s city. The two sieges are still in place.]


5 thoughts on “The Shadow War: HIGH/B!B Conflict Puts ajqtrz, Land Claimers on the Same Battlefield

  1. AJ’s meltdown in GC was too much. If you want a low profile then stay out of the forums and GC. AJ gave the claimers the rope to hang himself with.


  2. AJ has a passion … albeit not ready for this gaming world…it is misplaced with so many opinions to surmount contrary to his for Illyriad. Illyriad is built for conflict due to the the making of troops for conquests of any sort and the many personalities that find reasons (valid or not) to battle other players.


  3. That guy reminds me of my Towmater, my Chihuahua. This dog will sit in the middle of the back yard and bark and bark and bark. There’s nothing to bark at and my other 2 dogs give up and come back inside. The only thing I can figure is that he just appreciates the sound of his own bark. I can assure you, the neighbors do not appreciate it.

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