TUF Slowly Departing Illyriad in Protest After ThorOdin Permaban

TUF appears to be making good on its threat to leave the game in protest after a high-profile permabanning of key TUF warrior ThorOdin on Thursday. After the incident on Thursday, TUF leader Agalloch took to GC and made several incendiary comments about the game and the decision, claiming that he and most others would leave Illyriad, and that TUF would be closed down.


In the wake of DISSOLVED abandoning his AinNick account, Streitaxt Söldner also left TUF on September 16, and appears to have a wiped profile page. In recent comments on the Times, Streitaxt suggested that ThorOdin’s permaban was precipitated “because ThorOdin was causing the most damage to sin maybe.”

Viperone, co-leader and co-founder, noted yesterday in comments that the departure process is continuing, according to a snippet of dialogue sent to the Times:

[05:28]<viperone> left TUF as the alliance is closing shop soon dumburz
[05:28]<Dumburz> i see
[05:29]<viperone> just tying up some loose ends myself

He has now left TUF as well.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.04.31 PM
TUF’s Agalloch also threatened to leave the game after ajqtrz, pictured above, was permabanned.

This isn’t the first time that TUF members have been permabanned and Agalloch has threatened to leave the game. When TUF philosopher ajqtrz was permabanned for spamming the forum and threatening the developers, The Times reported that “TUF leader Agalloch is furious over the move by the devs to permaban ajqtrz and has changed the name of The Unfettered to read ‘The Pissed Off‘ [FUK].” At that time, TUF also purportedly blame SIN’s Stukahh for the ajqtrz permaban, showing a pattern that suggests TUF believes that SIN is responsible for the permabanning of some of its alliance’s members.

SIN has denied any role in both of the permabanning incidents, with SIN member Ten Kulch noting in a Times comment, “TUF has put forth a great fight against SIN’s larger armies. It is a disappointment to see ThorOdin and AianNick disappear from the game. From the perspective of many in SIN, those TUF accounts were putting up a great fight, and I doubt anyone cared if they were indeed multi-accounting. If the war were to end on this note, we would feel cheated of a real victory.”

It remains to be seen what the future status of the TUF/SIN will be as TUF continues to close down, but if the TUF alliance is completely vacated, the Times will indefinitely suspend the tracking of the war as an active war.


51 thoughts on “TUF Slowly Departing Illyriad in Protest After ThorOdin Permaban

  1. interesting how the sin member gets correctly quoted, yet the former tuf member does not, especially when both commented on the same post on this very site


  2. Why would Rikoo send an in-game message to a player on an account NOT under investigation? Why would he message the player at all?

    Regardless of the veracity of the purported message, I’m sure these guys really believe they are being targeted by the Devs. Their in-game demeanor, from the way they openly treat their opponents with disdain rather than respect, to their failure to, at the very least comport themselves with some small measure of decorum highlights their immaturity.

    Illyriad is known as a game for mature players. If the Devs did target these hoodlums, I have no misgivings about it, but as sure as they are about their circumstances, I’m just as sure they were not targeted for anything more than specific rules violations. Good riddance.


    • ‘Their in-game demeanor, from the way they openly treat their opponents with disdain rather than respect’
      You guys dished out your fair share of crap as well so don’t act like you are miles above them.

      ‘Illyriad is known as a game for mature players’
      Mature players? I would say it is known for having a great community more than mature players. I have seen a fair bit of immaturity in GC in the past.

      ‘If the Devs did target these hoodlums, I have no misgivings about it, but as sure as they are about their circumstances, I’m just as sure they were not targeted for anything more than specific rules violations’
      If the devs do target a group of players, that is wrong. They should enforce the rules on every player equally regardless of group and affiliation.

      Did you ever actually talk to them outside of a war context? If you did then you would know that they were a great bunch of players who were fun to talk to.


      • eowan, please do not make yourself a target on here, tuf might be nicer to talk to than sin is some days, but I’m sure sin has their good points as well, but seriously eowan, poking sin… AGAIN is not a smart idea, mostly due to it increasing your risk as a banker, otherwise it would be your issue


  3. Ajqtrz had a five alarm meltdown with two GMs, and that was after he spent months insulting people and making tinfoil hat arguments on the forums. Rikoo and Stormcrow were completely justified in culling him from the community. I understand that AJ had a similar meltdown when leaving LoU, and that he has since infested Crown of the Gods and resumed making the same inane arguments. It would seem that nobody anywhere buys his Soylent Green argument that “The pixels are people! PEEEEEOOOPLE!” Possibly because his entire premise that in-game attacks constitute real bullying is, in fact, batshit crazy.

    Comparing AJ’s expulsion to a routine multi-accounting ban seems like an incredible stretch.


    • Ajq was banned from the forums for making his posts too long and then asking how short his posts should be, irrc. This got him angry and he threatened to sue and stuff. Fair enough on him getting banned for that last bit but for him to get banned from the forums for writing posts which were too long is a bit ridiculous.


      • Give it a rest. He was trolling people. If anyone disagreed with AJ, he would just cut their post into snippets and then post huge blocks of text. That is a classic “polite trolling” technique. When you get down to arguing about the definitions of words, then you are in an infinite loop of Internet bullshit. AJ’s arguments were absurd, he was condescending to everyone, and he eventually ostracized even his few supporters like Belegar.

        People forget that AJ was in Night Squires for a long time. I am quite familiar with his circular garbage arguments of taking statements wildly out of context, and then nitpicking imaginary extrapolations. It’s an Internet debate technique for harassing your opponent and trying to appear intelligent, and it does absoulutely nothing to advance a useful discussion. In other words, trolling, specifically intended to stay within the envelope of ToS.


      • Since when did responding to individual points in an argument become trolling? It allows you to address multiple issues in an argument and show where you disagree with them and why.


      • Eowan, I am not interested in making a list of behaviors that constitute trolling. I know it when I see it. Ajqtrz was a troll, and that was obvious to many people, including the moderators who removed him.


  4. Sinners, we all know that you guys are very close with the devs… and we saw that you are not able to fight TUF as a well organized bunch of players. losing several cities you are playing this kind of card. and the family (helps) then when necessary to get players kicked who are the biggest danger (thorodin). sidenote, still no evidence of multiaccounting. As i stated no actions are initiated by he-man, stuk, saffron etc… who are heavy real multiaccounts…. dont spend money on that game… never saw a more amateur managed game.


    • Since you are so big on evidence, would you care to post the evidence that SIN is close to the devs? I have never seen that. If the players you mentioned above are multi-accounting, then surely you can post evidence of their misdeeds. You can’t have it both ways.

      SIN lost a handful of isolated outposts against some well executed TUF sieges. We were fine with that. Trading attacks is the sign of a good war. I was personally happy to be fighting an opponent who knows how to structure an attack. However, SIN operations were just hitting their stride against TUF, and since you guys kept moving cities away from incoming sieges, it’s clear you understood that.

      The best you could have hoped for was a stalemate where SIN was unable to advance sieges into your territory. TUF turned down an offer of peace, so you knew that the bulldozers were coming. It’s a shame that the war fell apart because you guys were busted for breaking the ToS, but tough luck. You knew the rules. But don’t kid yourself, TUF was never going to prevail against SIN, not even if you guys had another 20 permasats waiting in the wings.


      • Give it a rest. He was trolling people. If anyone disagreed with ten kulch, he would just cut their post into snippets and then post huge blocks of text. That is a classic “polite trolling” technique.


      • @chibi:

        I don’t cut posts into snippets. I cut accounts into shreds. Disagree with me at your peril, I am an expert in bullying via intimidating threads of coercion.


      • simply a copy of your own post, because to be frank, I’m sick of coin stuff like this, flipping your position whenever it becomes convienent… I am not agreeing with anything ajq,aiannick, agalloch, etc. have stated in these instances, I simply find it distasteful to lecture on something then to do it yourself


      • Feel free to point out where I have employed silly little tricks from AJ’s repertoire. My analyses are factual, and my smack talk is easily understood to be smack talk. I’m not out here dissecting the minutiae of common word definitions.


      • 1. cut their post into snippets and then post huge blocks of text
        2. he was condescending to everyone
        3. taking statements wildly out of context, and then nitpicking imaginary extrapolations
        points of evidence (type.number listed)
        2.1/3.1But don’t kid yourself, TUF was never going to prevail against SIN, not even if you guys had another 20 permasats waiting in the wings.
        2.2/3.2However, SIN operations were just hitting their stride against TUF
        1.1/2.3If the players you mentioned above are multi-accounting, then surely you can post evidence of their misdeeds


  5. I find it interesting that in all of the large amount of whining AianNick did about the ban in GC, I never saw him say ONCE that he had not multiaccounted in excess of the EULA/TOS – just “they had no proof” over and over ad nausium – and then he says the same thing HERE.

    Makes me inclined to believe that his ThorOdin account was in fact banned for valid cause, and wonder why the rest of the associated accounts weren’t banned at the same time.

    As far as the Agalloch ban – he brought that on himself, based on some of his postings to GC *I* would have banned him.


  6. If SIN were capable of fair the things y’all have accused us of…. Well then we should be dominating the entire server. When Ajq was first given his trouble there was a lot of finger pointing then too, but it turned out that there was a lot more going on then everyone thought. I for one don’t think Thor was banned for multi accounting because they would have banned both. But because the devs never talk about banned players or why, even with the banned player…. We will never know.

    And eowan. No one cares what you think. Don’t you have your own newspaper where you can spout you’re own drivel.


  7. Veni,Vidi,I Twerked
    Now you may all KISS MY BIG FAT GREEN(k) ASS

    P.S To TEN KULCH …. SIN is full of sats buddy more than TUF ever had in its roster, actually only one sat account was used during the whole conflict versus SIN and that was Dsasa that you guys targeted.There was no multi accounting and that is a fact if thorodin/aian was multiing he would of gotten banned in both accounts.

    Would you like me to give a list of all the sats SIN has in its roster? I know most of them I may not be the smartest person that played in illy (most likely by far) but I know things I just never stooped to your guys level and reported anyone for anything.( and yes i know for a fact you guys report people since stuk himself told me he reported me before)
    I exited exactly the way I wanted, in the year and a half that I played I trained myself and went against some of the biggest and baddest players in the game and held my own.
    Now if you want to say that we cheated in order to do what we accomplished knock yourself out bitch, my team and I know exactly what we were up against and how we did it the rest of you can eat crow shit!


    • I didn’t care about the permasats. If you had them, it was minuscule compared to SHARK. I would have been content to have the war continue to a natural conclusion. It is my personal opinion that your defeat was inevitable, but now we will never know.

      It is disappointing to see you exit the game this way. I find it hard to believe that your master plan was to crawl out in disgrace, pissing and moaning like this. But… congratulations?


    • The above soliloquy is my case in point.

      BTW, sitting is a function of the game, multi-accounting is against the TOS. I have no info on, nor do I care which accounts are sat. I just wanted to point out that obvious distinction to those who are peering at this through the haze of emotion.


  8. Eowan, i am aware you haven’t been playing long enough to see the first mass banning, and this is exciting for you, but you really have no idea why ajqtrz got banned because you didn’t experience that.

    Now, your attention whore seeking self is getting into uncharted territory for you. And I’d leave it at that before you experience what is a SIN siege, because it is unlike anything you’ll find in illy.

    You write a telegraph and sell fake “aurums” and make gold off the investments of other players, you are the epitome of a con artist and quite frankly you’ve pissed me off, you have zero to do with any of this other than your drama filled Illyriad life. If you want to look for the problem on why this game is dying, it’s pathetic individuals like yourself. Who are too afraid to fight in the game as a whole and you hide in alliances. You are a coward and nothing less.


    • Duran, I could probably write an intelligent reply to this but seeing as how you guys can’t even be bothered to elevate yourselves from the insults more commonly seen in a school playground, I won’t.
      Let me assure you that the RIF is not a scam and that, despite what you think, not everyone plays this game in order to go to war. You might not have noticed but Illyriad is a sandbox which means that I can play however I want.


  9. Also, the fact Aian and Aga got banned sucks, I’ll say I was very much looking forward to the war keeping on. Aga and I have always talked to each other and observed and commented on sieges and such, fought eachother, the whole shibang, I’ll miss fighting him.

    Multiple times we both commented that the Death merger would have been with each others alliances and I’ll really miss him as an opponent


  10. Stuff happened.
    It sucks,
    some people are sad :(((
    other people are happy (meh)

    But lets stay civil.
    SIN are still unbeatable but TUF put up a great fight knowing we could not win and destroy the heavy hubs SIN have.

    Recently Stuk mentioned a white peace, this was turned down because SIN still had a Pawa hub that we were concerned about in TUF. Also the Calumnex hub was recently formed to be a battlefront to Shardlands. With those things going on TUF didn’t feel like white peace was such a good idea at the time as it would give SIN the opportunity to surprise us at a time of their liking and that’s why the white peace was turned down. It also seemed like everyone were still happy about the war, on both sides, so why not carry on for the sake of enjoyment.

    Things have taken a huge turn now.
    I feel like it would be a fair thing to realize that pummeling the remaining TUF players is not gonna be fun for you (unless you hold some huge grudges) and since we are as good as helpless in some of our hubs, it would be honorable to give us a way out.

    I realize I am posting this in a comments section on Illyriad Times, but I know you guys read it and I feel like doing it here instead of corresponding with you through In-Game-Mail.


    • Well, I have been deeply moved by Josh’s sudden switch to diplomacy. Usually I regard him as the Typhoid Mary of Illyriad alliances, sowing discord at the beginning of wars, switching sides when it suits him, and then slinking out the back door when defeat becomes apparent. He has clearly turned over a new leaf, and turned his back on his incendiary ways.

      Some SINners will remain cynical. It is indeed possible that, like a sentient hemorrhoid, Josh senses the impending squeeze of the Preparation-H, and has already begun to burn and throb a little less. Personally, I am convinced. Let’s give him an honorable exit to the war, and a fresh start!


  11. just reading lots of kids blabla. Sin tries to justify their superiour lousy war tactics… the devs / sin should bring evidence of multiaccounting, which never was delivered…. and what ten tries is just to rewrite the history how he personally thinks it could be… it produces a big laugh on me… TUF time was great, game management is lousy, the SIN / Dev relationship is unprofessional. have fun. we can only hope that people are not investing money in a dead game


    • just reading lots of kids wahwah. TUF tries to justify getting burned like a bunch of multi accounting newbs… blames a crazy sin/devs conspiracy…… rambles on about ten’s predictions of future victory.. it produces a big laugh on me too…. have fun.


  12. I would like to see one piece of proof that SIN controls the times or the devs. Just one piece. You guys say it’s so, please proceed to prove it. I know it’s impossible but unfounded accusations are getting on my nerves.


    • i would like to point out awhile back I asked Fiona nicely about who ran the times, and she said it was one of her members, though one of the main contributors had departed from illy shortly prior


      • I’ll have to talk to her about that. But it has never come up before and I would find it curious that Fiona would tell someone outside the alliance but not within…


      • Yes, SIN is forever spilling its secrets to random imbeciles from GC. Especially imbeciles hostile to SIN. One time I mailed our entire monthly siege plan to a terraforming account because I liked the way he trolled me.

        Chibi is full of crap.

        I don’t know who runs the Illyriad Times, but I am 90% sure about one of the authors. You guys all pay attention to who they write about, but apparently none of you have ever thought about who they don’t write about. There has been one Broken Lands alliance who never gets any attention in the Times despite numerous scuffles. The silence there is deafening, in fact.


    • but it proves a point. they know that your alt is kayla. they cant prove it. but its true.
      we know someone that has link with SIN runs the times. we cant prove it. but its true.


    • I’ve known Tink since she first started playing in Night Squires. If she’s behind the Times, then she has done an astonishing job of keeping that a secret.


      • and honestly, you guys have a ‘bad rep’ and there is a paper slanted towards sin, and one towards tuf… though I honestly don’t get why there is fighting on this over stupid stuff, it simply seems to be worse than irl politics, honestly guys, grow up


  13. Dakota..I mean Chibi…keep my name out of anything you have to say. What you say is a lie. I do not know who runs the Times. And if I did (which I don’t) I wouldn’t tell a troll.


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