SIN Targets Two Southern TUF Cities, Exploiting Thinning Roster

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.41.59 pmSIN has laid down two new sieges in the ongoing yet slow-paced TUF/SIN war, with SIN once again targeting southern targets made more vulnerable by the high-profile permabans of Agalloch, ThorOdin, Streitaxt Söldner, and others. The Herald’s siege section is reporting two sieges that landed over the weekend:

kerzap [TUF] c of uus [558|-3053] in Calumnex Stukahh [SIN] Sat 24 Sep 21:19
kerzap [TUF] Kharkanas [523|-3100] in Jurgor What The DEUCE? [SIN] Mon 26 Sep 04:20

Kerzap has frequently been the target of SIN sieges in the south, and purportedly exodused away from a large SIN operation on the last round, prior to the mass permabans. Without the support of TUF’s prominant military players in the south, it appears that his cities are falling without much opposition, as Stukahh’s siege appears near the end.

SIN’s What The DEUCE? is making his second appearance in anchoring a siege, having launched from a close-in position.


6 thoughts on “SIN Targets Two Southern TUF Cities, Exploiting Thinning Roster

  1. I have reached out to a few players in SIN: Jejune (JJ), He-Man (Numero Uno Defense Guy) & Stukahh (Stukki). They rant on about newb-ringing and how we should have ended the war when the white peace was called out.

    Targetting our players now – in this time of the game where an era with TUF as a part of the BL titans is now over – seems very wrong to me.

    Can we do some talking?


  2. Hey! Illy Times! When are you going to sort out the aurum value? 313.70 per aurum not 291.1. If you are not going to update it when I send you the values through the forums then please remove it from your site.


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