YARR! Declares War on ABSA Over Biff Row

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 9.34.52 PMIn a surprise move, The Pirate Republic [YARR!] has once again entered into war, this time engaging longtime Elgean alliance Absaroke [ABSA] over an escalating conflict involving controversial Illyriad veteran player Biff.

The war declaration came yesterday, and was a topic of debate in GC.

Sources who witnessed exchanges between YARR and ABSA members in GC indicated that the YARR war declaration was the result of ABSA launch concerted siege breaks on YARR leader Solanar’s siege on disgraced ex-ABSA account Biff, who turned much of the server against him after making off-color remarks regarding another player. Solanar’s mission was apparently to destroy Biff’s cities, which was interrupted by the ABSA incursion. The declaration was a reaction having Solanar’s siege broken.

ABSA immediately denounced the war declaration, citing it as an example of poor diplomacy and conflict resolution on YARR’s part.

Whether or not the YARR/ABSA conflict will develop into a full-scale war remains in question. ABSA is now a small alliance, and YARR is likely war weary from its ongoing wars throughout 2016.


14 thoughts on “YARR! Declares War on ABSA Over Biff Row

  1. “YARR is like war weary from its ongoing wars throughout 2016.”

    I would like to point out this statement appears either from decades past, or needing to be typed ‘likely’


  2. I have to say that Absa is severely disgracing themselves for defending a player that deserves to be newb-ringed.

    I look forward to the war between us.


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