Illyriad Server Maintenance Leads To Long Outage, Bugs & No New Updates — Yet

An announced “extended  server maintenance” by the Illyriad game developers on August 11th led to protracted downtime and reoccuring game glitches, but no new game features. Illyriad GM Cerebus made the announcement on August 8th, suggesting that the planned 6-hour shutdown of the game was necessary for unspecified server maintenance tasks.

The downtime, however, was extended first by 30 minutes due to the server needing “to process a few more events,” followed by a longer 2-hour extension, reportedly caused by “the volume of events calculated during the down time.” In fact, the server was back online about an hour after GM Cerebus’ second update.

Announcement of the server maintenance and extensions were met with anticipation and some frustration, with games progosticating that the lengthy pause in play might be due to the launch of new in-game features. The recent activity surrounding The Tower faction, which has seen The Tower begin to glow red and send aggression faction units out at encampments and cities, together with cryptic <system> reports of earthquakes throughout Illyriad suggested to some that the server downtime was the final step in a new phase of the game. Others had speculated that the recent events would herald in a new tournament.

Thus far, none of these predictions have come true, as players have had to deal with a few bugs since the restarting of the server, including reports of AC confusfion among sitter accounts.

Requests for comments by The Times to the game developers were not immediately responded to, but The Times will update as more information is made available.

Anticipation continues to remain among the server, as, in the past, Sunday evenings have sometimes been reserved for game updates. Players will be online tomorrow night to monitor possible, new game additions.

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