Kimmyeo Puts 1,200 Prestige Bounty on iKnights, Accuses Him of Scamming RoFC

RoFC member Kimmyeo today publicly announced a 1,200 prestige bounty on MoV’s iKnights in retribution for allegedly perpatrating what she believes to be a scheme to bilk her and the Republic of Free Cities out of 1 billion in gold, the Times has observed. A heated, protracted altercation in GC flared earlier today after Kimmyeo once again announced her price for the razing of all of iKnight’s cities:

[15:28]<Kimmyeo> My offer still stands
[15:28]<Kimmyeo> 1200 prestige to the grop or player that razes IKnight
[15:28]<Kimmyeo> He needs to die
[15:29]<Kimmyeo> I left RoFC so IKnight would leave them alone
[15:29]<Fiona..> But why
[15:29]<Kimmyeo> killing him
[15:29]<Kimmyeo> all his cities[15:31]<Kimmyeo> He is trying to destroy me for doing the right thing for my Alliance. He did what he thought was best, but incorrectly now he wants us to pay for his mistake, and to try to ruin my name.

An objective description of the current  conflict remains unclear to many around the server. However, according to Times sources, the issue between Kimmyeo and IKnights developed after a player in Loki and 4 players in RoFC had some kind of military alternation. From what our sources have gathered, the resulting military conflict led the Loki player to demand 1 billion to cease and desist in attacking these RoFC accounts.

IKnights, a member of Mercs of Valeron [MoV], who do not appear to be involved in the original conflict in any way, purportedly paid the 1 billion in gold to the Loki member on behalf of RoFC, and then went on to demand remuneration from Kimmyeo.

[15:42]<IKnights> Basically, 4 players of RoFC had to pay surrender payment, or be razed, I paid for them.

While it remains unclear why IKnights would have said the surrender terms, Kimmyeo apparently believes that IKnights is attempting to bilk her and the RoFC out of the gold, and that he is part of a scam that possibly involves the Loki member. She also appeared to accuse IKnights of planning an attack, ostensibly if he is not paid.

IKnights claims that RoFC asked him to pay the sum.

Later, IKnights appeared in GC, which led to a heated argument. The Times has condensed the chat below:

[15:36]<IKnights> I can tell you the truth
[15:36]<Kimmyeo> No he got others to do it
[15:37]<IKnights> Nope. I did not attack Kimmy or any other member of RoFC
[15:37]<Grombrindal> His alliance is a mercenary group (albeit a picky one). perhaps ask them to do it. For enough gold i”m sure they”ll put aside any loyalties.
[15:37]<IKnights> Or have anyone else do it.
[15:37]<Kimmyeo> not yet but he threatened
[15:37]<Kimmyeo> ugh
[15:37]<IKnights> Kimmy, I have screenshots
[15:37]<Kimmyeo> really?
[15:38]<IKnights> Neptune was not a member of RoFC
[15:38]<Kimmyeo> you and your f-ing screen shots of out of context crap.
[15:38]<IKnights> I also have a LIVE chat log that anyone can look through if they wish
[15:38]<Kimmyeo> Neptune was a memeber and left to save us from people like you trying to make a buck off of us.
[15:38]<IKnights> Neptune left because he didn’t want to pay for his actions
[15:38]<Kimmyeo> He told you point balnk not pay anyone anything for him. that’s 500million of the gold you are trying to extort from RoFC now.
[15:39]<Kimmyeo> You have a great way of twisting stuff.
[15:39]<IKnights> Extort? I paid for your safety
[15:39]<Kimmyeo> yes
[15:39]<Kimmyeo> AGAINST OUR WISHES
[15:39]<Kimmyeo> STFU
[15:39]<IKnights> You agreed to it.
[15:39]<IKnights> I’m not using profanity
[15:40]<Kimmyeo> I left RoFC, I will talk with about it anymore
[15:40]<Kimmyeo> you*
[15:40]<IKnights> lol
[15:40]<IKnights> Fine, I’ll give you that Duran
[15:40]<Kimmyeo> and yet you’re still taking
[15:40]<Kimmyeo> typical
[15:40]<IKnights> I did not
[15:41]<Kimmyeo> you are
[15:41]<IKnights> If you wish, I’ll send you my proof
[15:41]<Kimmyeo> you’re so arrogant you can’t even see it
[15:42]<Kimmyeo> now I know why people rage quit, unlike when theyare playing the game, right IKnight?
[15:42]<Kimmyeo> pretending, lying making multiple accounts, and getting their friends to lie for them
[15:42]<IKnights> Basically, 4 players of RoFC had to pay surrender payment, or be razed, I paid for them.
[15:43]<Kimmyeo> I’m not paying him crap, EVER
[15:43]<IKnights> It was agreed by trial that they must pay back, or the alliance must pay back.
[15:43]<Duran.> By Trial?
[15:43]<Kimmyeo> THEY DIDN”T WANT THAT
[15:43]<Duran.> Who’s the judge in this?
[15:43]<Zelf> this is getting interesting
[15:43]<IKnights> I have a screenshot of you saying you’d pay back Kimmy
[15:43]*Grombrindal was wondering too.
[15:44]<IKnights> Wulfhere was present
[15:44]<Kimmyeo> sorry, I can’t take it
[15:44]<IKnights> Also, senate was there. This wasn’t a RoFC matter, it was a Coalation matter
[15:44]<Kimmyeo> I;m done no more talking
[15:45]<Kimmyeo> liar
[15:45]<runelord> trial, senate sounds like a eowan thing
[15:45]<Captain John> Wait, the senate has to vote to charge it’s own members with crimes? That seems ludicrous
[15:45]<Captain John> Or am I missing something?
[15:45]<IKnights> No, it doesn’t
[15:45]<IKnights> No, it doesn’t
[15:45]<IKnights> members not involved voted
[15:46]<Kimmyeo> who?
[15:46]<IKnights> I feel like I’ve explained 7 times XD
[15:46]<Kimmyeo> me, I said no
[15:46]<IKnights> lol ok
[15:46]<IKnights> I might as well put it on my profile XD
[15:46]<runelord> wasnt head senatoe of mov eowan and iknights……
[15:46]<Kimmyeo> except it wasn’t a trial it all happened the same day. Impossible to do, if done correctly
[15:47]<IKnights> I’m typing, give me a minute XD
[15:48]<runelord> trial by gc?
[15:48]<IKnights> 4 members of RoFC attacked a new alt of a SIN player.
[15:48]<Shra’Kar> was the alt in SIN
[15:48]<Fiona..> What alt?
[15:48]<IKnights> Idk, the alt was in loki I think
[15:49]<IKnights> Idk
[15:49]<IKnights> I really don’t know
[15:49]<runelord> why would MoV pay????
[15:49]<Grombrindal> So 4 RoFC members attacked a Loki member. Where does MoV factor in?
[15:49]<Shra’Kar> why was the alt attacked
[15:49]<IKnights> Anyways, the player went to attack them, surrender terms was 1 billion.
[15:50]<IKnights> I paid for them

SIN’s Stukahh appeared to have insinuated himself into the conflict on the part of Kimmeyo, taking her side in the matter. He also appeared to have taken up Kimmeyo’s bounty on iKnights, with the announcement of a siege en route:

[15:46]<Stukahh> Military units from Stukahh’s [SIN] town 1. Terror and Hubris outbound to IKnights’ [MoV] town 07 Mul lies here with Hostile intentions. 3 minutes ago
[15:50]<Stukahh> This was all done prior to Kim as leader of RofC
[15:50]<Stukahh> Iknights, you made a bad deal
[15:50]<IKnights> The deal was they/RoFC paying me back
[15:50]<Kimmyeo> it’s all BS, SINmember playing with IKnight to get money from RoFC
[15:50]<IKnights> Kim was NEVER leader of RoFC
[15:50]<Kimmyeo> or they keep attacking anyway
[15:50]<IKnights> And, how do I gain from this Kimmy?
[15:50]<Kimmyeo> right
[15:51]<IKnights> If anything, I end up with an even balance
[15:51]<Captain John> Kim, can you substantiate this claim?
[15:51]<Kimmyeo> I was only one showing up though
[15:51]<IKnights> I have proof
[15:51]<IKnights> I have proof
[15:51]<IKnights> lol
[15:51]<Kimmyeo> recruiting, playing being available
[15:51]<Shra’Kar> sounds like b/s to me … a set up
[15:51]<Kimmyeo> now being ounished for it
[15:51]<Grombrindal> I will go 50/50 on GNU’s plan.
[15:51]<Kimmyeo> punished*&
[15:51]<IKnights> I feel like I was set up
[15:51]<Kimmyeo> HA!
[15:51]<Kimmyeo> liar

Later in the conversation, iKnights appeared to have produced proof positive that Kimmeyo had agreed to pay him back, producing this screen shot directly from the Discord app:








[15:52]<IKnights> (52kB)
[15:52]<IKnights> There
[15:52]<IKnights> The desicions were made.
[15:53]<IKnights> I honestly am not bringing this any further.
[15:53]<Kimmyeo> unilaterally by you and Eowan or whatever his name was that dday
[15:53]<IKnights> That was BEFORE the Eowan incident
[15:53]<Kimmyeo> same day
[15:53]<runelord> ha said eowan was involved
[15:53]<IKnights> Nope, day before
[15:53]<Kimmyeo> he was
[15:53]<Grombrindal> So long story short, you fronted the bill on a surrender term, and want them to repay. But they feel you set them up and refuse to pay?
[15:53]<IKnights> It was on Saturday.
[15:53]<Kimmyeo> it all ties together into one big scam
[15:54]<runelord> exonerates kimmyeo
[15:54]<IKnights> Kimmyeo lied. Plain and simple/
[15:54]<Kimmyeo> Ty RUnelord
[15:54]<runelord> you both got played
[15:54]<Kimmyeo> you’re going down IK, if I have to die doing it myself
[15:55]<Captain John> Woah woah woah
[15:55]<Kimmyeo> Sometimes you just got to take a stand. He is wrong
[15:55]<IKnights> I will like to go on record that I will not attack Kimmyeo unless she attacks me first
[15:56]<IKnights> I have a chat log.
[15:56]<Kimmyeo> blah blah blah IK
[15:56]<IKnights> I’m not bringing it to blows
[15:56]<Kimmyeo> I am, you threatened
[15:57]<IKnights> I’ve blocked. Done
[15:57]<IKnights> I have a chat log that I CANNOT EDIT
[15:57]<Kimmyeo> blocked who?
[15:57]<Captain John> Is there any other way than war?
[15:57]<IKnights> Yes
[15:58]<IKnights> Peace

It remains to be seen how the conflict will end, now that Kimmeyo has sworn to raze IKnights’ account. For his part, IKnights has endeavored to not retaliate, but continues to insist that he is owed 1 billion in gold from RoFC and that he will not back down on his claim.



17 thoughts on “Kimmyeo Puts 1,200 Prestige Bounty on iKnights, Accuses Him of Scamming RoFC

  1. Ahem….if I may provide some clarity here…I am said member who put the 1 billion gold bounty on the RoFC members. They (Neptune, Wulfhere, and AdamPrime) attacked/sieged my month old alt’s 2 week old city back in April (or whichever month Koda’s tournament was in) as part of a conflict that they were having with another Loki member. I took no hostile action against any of them until they attacked me, I defended myself and was forced into exo. During this “conflict” I told them that I would be back for them (gave them plenty of warning to build up an army or what not). *Fast forward to post vCrow vs. fCrow war* My troops are no longer tied up for a tournament or war, so I act on my word to come back for them. Sieges are sent out at Neptune, he plays dumb and denies his involvement. I give him a buyout option of 250 million gold per city (at the time I had only planned on hitting 1 city). His denial and “I’m the victim” attitude made me want to raze his cities even more, so I targeted a 2nd city and upped the bounty to 500 million. This is about the time IKnights messaged me asking if he could pay off the bounty on behalf of the RoFC members (his reasoning to me was that this was a political move to help him get elected as head of both RoFC and MoV in their next election). He paid me the gold and I recalled all of my armies. I do not know what was “agreed” to behind closed doors in RoFC or the coalition, however I do know that Eowan was the one who called the court hearing for the situation. However, I did put a stipulation on the agreement that I had with IKnights that if the 3 RoFC members did not pay him back in a timely manner that I would continue my hostilities against them. From my point of view those 3 players have (so far) gotten away with ganging up on a newbie without any penalty…..


    • Whilst it pains me to defend either of them, seeing as you are a fan of he-man I’ll make an exception in order to prove you wrong.
      I can confirm those screenshots were not fakes, I was in the chat which is referred to though I am not anymore as ITraitor kicked me when he betrayed me.


  2. Hahahahahahaha. The traitors are turning on each other.
    To me, it seems like Kimmyeo and the rest of the RoFC betrayers have decided to go back on a deal they made with IKnights which is f*cking hilarious. Have fun gettting that 1 billion back XD


  3. I heard about this situation a few days ago from IKnights and decided to become involved myself with hobblez pulling out. I sent blockades to all of Neptune’s cities as well as small cavalry raids and a chest thumping threat, figured it’d get his attention and indeed it did as well as Kimmyeo’s attention.

    Kimmyeo opened her statement to me with character assassination directed towards IKnights, calling him a liar and traitor and all that. IKnights said similar things about her in response. I like both of these individuals so I needed to figure out who was lying to me and who was telling the truth.

    He sent me the screenshot above. Those are indeed easy to fake, I was inclined to be skeptical so I asked to see the actual discord room so I could go through it. I read all 370+ messages after being allowed in to view it. The screenshot provided is accurate and has sufficient context.

    Kimmyeo did object to the idea twice. IKnights said he wanted to be repayed in installments of 100m gold per month. Kimmeyeo did say IKnights should be payed back, this occurred before he sent the payment. Afterwards she was pleased with the results, then the conversation kind of petered out.

    Maybe IKnights jumped the gun, but hindsight is 20/20, he’s certainly less at fault than the original 4 members who got their alliance into this mess to begin with.

    But weather or not one thinks that the decision to pay off Loki was a strategically sound, it still stands that Kimmyeo did state quite strongly that IKnights should be payed back. It is my opinion that she acting completely dishonorably, she refuses to even acknowledge that she made that statement and responded to me with a lot of nastiness and even drug Solanar into it to try to insult me.


      • Princess, I read your comment first (cuz it has paragraphs!) and was all like, aw poor iKnights totally got scammed. Then I saw this line in Hobblez’s account of the events: “His [iKnights’] reasoning to me was that this was a political move to help him get elected as head of both RoFC and MoV in their next election”. Ba dum tish.


  4. Tink makes a solid and very astute observation. Seems to me that IKnights has the equivalent political savvy as famed Democrat Howard Dean did in 2004.


  5. I got the notification ( was on vacation wasnt even opening my email 😛 ) about the new article from illy times and ummm I didnt even finish reading it.
    Has illyriad gotten so boring since my banning as to consider all this newsworthy?


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